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02.12.2019 5pm - 6pm         HS01/02 Prof. Dr. Michael J. Shattock -                          King's College London Distinguished Speaker (Lecture Monday Seminar)
06.01.2020 5pm - 6pm         HS01/02 Dr. Marten Szibor -          Jena University Hospital Distinguished Speaker (Lecture Monday Seminar)


IRTG 1816 Christmas Party 2019, Göttingen

At this year's Christmas party we were pleased that we could celebrate with Prof. Michael J. Shattock from our partner institute King's College London. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


IRTG 1816 Retreat 2019 with the 3rd cohort students, Goslar

The first IRTG 1816 Retreat of our new 3rd cohort students in the Mine Rammelsberg, Goslar


Phd double degree of 2nd cohort IRTG 1816 student, Göttingen

Asmma Doudin defended her PhD double degree awarded by the University of Göttingen and King`s College London on August 06, 2019 successfully. Congratulations!


Promotion Award 2019, Göttingen

Stephanie Naas has finished her medical education and was awarded with the promotion award 2019 for her doctoral thesis entitled "Hypoxia stimulates retrograde membrane trafficking to the trans-Golgi network via recruitment of T-plastin".


Next 2nd cohort IRTG 1816 student completes doctoral defence, Göttingen

Irina Trautsch defended her Dr. rer. nat. on June 19, 2019 also successfully. Congratulations!


Further 2nd cohort IRTG 1816 student finished doctoral defence, Göttingen

Maithily S. Nanadikar defended her PhD on June 11, 2019 successfully. Congratulations!

First 2nd cohort IRTG 1816 student finished doctoral defence, Göttingen

Lisa Leinhos from the 2nd cohort of IRTG students finished her Dr. rer. nat. successfully on April 17, 2019 . Congratulations!


First person - Journal of Cell Science

The Journal of Cell Science interviewed our IRTG 1816 PhD student Lisa Leinhos. Please  find the interview here:


DGK Autumn Meeting, Berlin

Congratulation to our IRTG 1816 students Ms. Gabriela L. Santos and Mr. Andreas Maus. Both were awarded with the second prize for best poster during the German Cardiac Society - DGK Herztage 2018 from 11 until 13 October 2018 in Berlin. Ms. Santos' poster was entitled "Rho-associated kinases regulate compaction, contraction and stiffness of engineered human connective tissues". Mr. Maus' poster was entitled "DOX-induced side effects and alterations in ROS production, calcium handling, and sarcomeric integrity in iPSC-derived human cardiomyocytes".

Symposium "Pro- & Repro-graming the heart", Göttingen

The IRTG 1816 co-funded the symposium “Pro- & Repro-graming the heart” from 03 until 04 September 2018 in Göttingen. The meeting was organized by Dr. Katrin Streckfuss-Bömeke and Dr. Laura Zelarayan and took place in the conference building "Alte Mensa" of the Georg-August-University Göttingen.

3rd IRTG 1816 Retreat, Hannover


IRTG 1816 students from Göttingen and London participated in the 3rd IRTG 1816 Retreat from 06 until 08 May 2018 in Hanover. Please click on the picture and see more interesting impressions in our picture gallery.

CAVAD Symposium, Düsseldorf


IRTG 1816 students participated in the CAVAD Symposium from 15 until 16 March 2018 in Düsseldorf. The symposium was organized by the PhD students of the IRTG 1902.

Our IRTG 1816 student Ms. Lisa Leinhos from the work group of Prof. Katschinski was awarded with the prize for best talk during the CaVaD Symposium 2018 in Düsseldorf. Ms. Leinhos' talk was entitled "Myofibroblast differentiation in hypoxia: a novel role for ArhGAP29".

DGPT 2018, Göttingen

Our IRTG 1816 student Ms. Gabriela L. Santos from the work group of Prof. Lutz was awarded with the second prize for best poster during the 3rd German Pharm-Tox Summit: DGTP 2018 from 26 February until 01 March 2018 in Göttingen. Ms. Santos' poster was entitled "ROCK inhibition impacts myofibroblastic processes".