IRTG 1816 is approved

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is funding the International Graduate Program 1816 "Phosphorylation and redox-mediated signalling in the failing heart” (IRTG 1816) of the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) from October 2017 to March 2022 for further 4.5 years. The experts of the DFG rewarding the successful work of the Group in research and training of young scientists during the first funding period starting in 2013. The scientists of the IRTG 1816 investigate the changes in proteins for the development and treatment of heart failure. Scientists from the Heart center at the University Medical Center Göttingen and the British Heart Foundation Research Center of Excellence at King's College London work together in an international research group in 12 projects. In the IRTG 1816, researchers from all over the world work together in cardiac research laboratories in Göttingen and in London to detect the development of heart failure at a very early stage and to develop new therapies. For this, they investigate so-called "post-translational" changes. Known is that chemical modifications of proteins can change their function and could lead to the typical symptoms of heart failure, such as pump weakness and rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias). Heart failure or "heart failure" is one of the most common diseases in Europe. The aim of the research is therefore to provide the basis for new treatment procedures for heart failure.

 Upcoming lectures, seminars, workshop, events...

Date Time and Place Who? What? Event
28.11.2017 10am - 12am Dr. Carlos Güntner (ScienceBridge)
"Patenting Issues"

1pm - 2pm

Dr. Antje Ebert (Cardiology) Cardiolunch (Lecture)
06.-07.12.17 9am - 5pm
Library Physiology
Dr. Jan Brocher, Biovoxxel
"Scientific image processing"
08.12.2017 11am - 4pm
Heart Center Building
"Meet your future" Seminar
12.12.2017 1pm - 2pm
Dr. Phillip Bengel (Cardiology) Cardiolunch (Lecture)
09.01.2018 1pm - 2pm
Manar El-Kenani (Cardiology) Cardiolunch (Lecture)
15.-16.02.18 9am - 5pm
Library Physiology
Schiller & Mertens
"Effective presentation"
20.02.2018 1pm - 2pm
Dr. Muriel Lize (Pneumology) Cardiolunch (Lecture)
20.03.2018 1pm - 2pm
Ulrich Hanses (Stem Cell Unit) Cardiolunch (Lecture)
10.03.2018 1pm - 2pm
Frederike Weber (Stem Cell Unit) Cardiolunch (Lecture)